Design Trend: Storyboards and Workbooks

WorkBooks are designed for a single thought.....

Wildthang is all about the print.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day CHIARIstyle

Sending out a little bit of green velvet cupcakes for Saint Patrick's Day.

Greeting & Note Cards

a little bit of green. Looking for something sweet to send off with your sweets?

Sometimes you want to add a little note or send a little sweet message. Just Dessert note and greeting cards are just that Just Desserts. Perfect for a little sweet message with those home made brownies. 15% discount code in your stylelines & notes fashion blast.

Looking for something sweet?

Introducing Just Dessert Greeting & Note Cards CHIARIstyle.

Perfect for the dessert table. These greeting & note cards are just desserts. Printed on card stock with original sweets like pineapple bomb cake and chocolate delight pudding. Grab a box set or a few singles and send them out with sweet thoughts.

Product Development Design is sweet.

Shop the Fairytale

Looking for the perfect fairy tale?

Fairy Tale Dresses for weddings, dress-up, tea time, flower girls & faerie tale balls.

This is the time of year to create tea time gatherings and flower girl dreams. Our dresses are one-of-a-kind jeweled collector pieces.

This is Queen Ann of the Wild Coastal Seas, her dress is encrusted with selected rhinestone and appliques, it is accompanied by a center pearl or rhinestone. There is always a removable dangling string of pearls with a  jewel rhinestone button or pin to hold it in place. The waist is adorned with a mesh band, enveloped with satin roses. Adjustable straps are made with satin or velvet. The skirt is layers and layers of tulle.  Hand-crafted in the USA the dresses are adjustable with sizes based on waist measurements so every fairy tale can grow with her dress.

Come dream with us. Check out the Fairy Tale. here.
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April is here. Magic is in the air. Do you believe?