Lingerie Trend Storyboards & Concepts

Intimates, underpinning, lingerie.....oh my!
Lingerie can change a mood, create a dream, start a conversation. Let's Get Intimate.

Lingerie Department CHIARIstyle

Intimate Moments

Intimates can translate a moment.
As underpinnings, the construction can enhance the form, create illusions, change history.
Lace, fabric, trim details all play a part in the final silhouette.
Creating trend is a love.
Look for savory, fun, vintage finds on these pages.




To sleep, perhaps to lounge. Sleepwear can take on cotton and silk.


Sleepwear has a broad range of fashion style-lines. From junior cottons to luxury silks. Does your collection need a new style, or graphic print influence?
Experience counts. 


100% Original Content CHIARIstyle

Sleepwear can translate across a broad range of departments.






Move across department lines with sleep to street fashion. In the lounge you can find concepts for any market place. Looking for a little style? How about CHIARIstyle.

Experience Counts.


urban lounge IS....

URBAN LOUNGE: for the lounge-sleep-active market. It is sleep to street. Taking a strong look at trend based urban wear, the city takes center stage. Urban lounge is about inside out. Dressing in and still making the styles work for the street. From the gym, to the market, to bed. From intimates to Panty programs The Lounge sets the tone for the urban influence.


Storyboards in the lounge

100% Orginal Content CHIARIstyle


Kids Love Fashion CHIARIstyle

In the Kids Room

Kids love fashion. From knits to denim, they know what they like and it can be diverse.  From fairy tales to cotton tees storyboard concepts have an open room and a private one.
ej's room is filled with notes of whats happening in her kid world.
xcw is just turning 2, his room is private but you can gain entrance with just a password or sign up for our stylelines & fashion notes.

ej's loves


Riding her bike to the park.

trending: Pierced ears.

birthday: Not sure of this years theme

favorite books, bluemoon & the dream travelers.

learning: That her first 5year old date was fun.

vacation: Hawaii

waiting for: Summer

still loves : exploring new things

best loves: her brother.

new favorite: learning something new

newest: going organic.

Looking for kid trends?

January Kid Notes

Trending ej's StyleNotes mid January. Stay tuned.



Shop The Fairy Tale

Looking for Little Boy Trends?


"So what is mine and what is yours."

"You can have the ideas, I get to keep the sketches."

So why not contact me for exclusive product development for your company needs, there are so many wonderful concepts waiting for you.

You see Product Development is a tricky thing when you put your work out there, showcasing final concepts as a free portfolio is a wonderful way to see what design concepts translate in our marketplace based on projected trends, so please keep in note when you view these concepts that the sketch, the storyboard, the illustration, the prints, well THEY are like-mine. "They" want to stay with me. You can have the idea, it is for the designer, merchandiser, buyer, retailer, concept artist-All sketches are pattern-ready, so hand them over to patternmakers, technical designers & CAD artists. Take the idea, find the inspiration, the lace, the silk, the embroidery, fine tune that last detail and make the most perfect beautiful garment. Sell it to a million people, love it and come back for more. The idea is yours. You can download, print, paste, comment but please, please don't use the sketches, storyboards, photographs, illustration or prints as your own. "They" belong to CHIARIstyle. 

So let's work together creating your own collection of amazing little bits of fashion that drive this business we love.

Take the trends you find here and.....

Re-draw it,     re-think it,       re-love it,     change it,   enjoy it,   like it, or credit it!  contact is free. Love working on new ideas.

Product Development is fun-There are some amazing ideas waiting just for you. If you are looking for a designer that knows how to get it done.  Exclusive packages for knits, wovens, prints, graphics, intimates, sleepwear, loungewear & panty programs-Just a click away! Let's talk.


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