The storyline goes like this.


Take an idea, a fabric, a piece of lace, imagine it is a bra or a panty or a vintage chemise. Imagine it is so lovely sitting on the shelf, waiting for the perfect buyer to come along and touch this great idea...From my first job designing evening dresses, I have found the search for inspiration is everywhere. I learned the art of product development working for an importer of junior fashion. Designing 30 styles per collection was norm because we never knew what would show up in the boxes sent from India. Everything and I do mean everything was made from scratch. I was fortunate enough to be a part of a design team that scoured the planet, from India to Paris then on to Tokyo. We created trend. I learned to work with our textile department- creating new fabrics from madras cottons to knock-off Italian wools, I learned the importance of creating sketches and specs for some unseen patternmaker, in some far-off country. We designed look books that determined our own history, and it was fun. This adventure created the way I design. From first sketch through production-the idea is always about the final truth. Will it sell?

Fashion has a history, my history is swimwear, sexy evening dresses, organza blouses with big sleeves worn with a black satin fitted skirt, denim, lots and lots of denim, embellishments, jumpsuits, designer classics, sleepwear, tee shirts, screenprints, men's activewear, leather jackets, graphics, bunny lingerie, better intimates, package design, panty programs, CAD design.

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Enjoy the love found here, it is always an adventure into how fashion changes from a sketch into sales.