"So what is mine and what is yours."

"You can have the ideas, I get to keep the sketches."

So why not contact me for exclusive product development for your company needs, there are so many wonderful concepts waiting for you.

You see Product Development is a tricky thing when you showcase work as a free portfolio, so please note that when you view these concepts the sketch, the storyboard, the illustration, the prints, well THEY are like-mine. "They" want to stay with me. You can have the idea, it is for the designer, merchandiser, buyer, retailer, concept artist-All sketches are pattern-ready, so hand them over to patternmakers, technical designers & CAD artists. Take the idea, find the inspiration, the lace, the silk, the embroidery, fine tune that last detail and make the most perfect beautiful garment. Sell it to a million people, love it and come back for more. The idea is yours. You can download, print, paste, comment but please, please don't use the sketches, storyboards, photographs, illustration or prints as your own. "They" belong to CHIARIstyle. 

So let's work together creating your own collection of amazing little bits of fashion that drive this business we love.

Take the trends you find here and.....

Re-draw it,     re-think it,       re-love it,     change it,   enjoy it,   like it, or credit it!
  contact is free.
Love working on new ideas.

Product Development is fun-There are some amazing ideas waiting just for you. If you are looking for a designer that knows how to get it done.  Exclusive packages for knits, wovens, prints, graphics, intimates, sleepwear, loungewear & panty programs.
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