Faerie Ball Gowns (The Orginal Story)

Faerie Ball Gowns (The Orginal Story)


Limited Edition

The faeries are having a Fairy Tale Ball. Unfortunately we cannot showcase this dress until the fairy tale ball is over. The exact date is unknown but with the whispers on the wind it should be happening soon. The faerie dressmaker is busy collecting jewels and treasures found.

Limited Edition: Holiday Ball Gown
This is the original faerie tale.  When I first started to find these little dresses hanging high in the trees filled with delightful magical moments, the dream was not to put them on the market but to give them away. By request you now have the opportunity to find a fairy tale ball gown as your own.

The Queens Dress is going to be given away but a second dress is in the making, every dress is inspired by the tiny faerie that will wear it to the Fairy Tale Ball if you want this dress sight unseen you can purchase it now.

Dresses are delicate and not suggested as toys for children.
Packaged in tissue with hand made hanger.
Suggestions for display of dress is included with order.

Currently 1 dresses is in work for the The Christmas New Year Ball Due date will be listed in our StyleNotes.

If you order this dress before the due date your order will be sent with date of estimated delivery.

The dress showcased here has a home. The surprise with every dress is no one knows what the ball gown will be till the package arrives.

Made in USA

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Where to find the dream?

As an exclusive for those who are looking for the original faerie tale, Bon Fortune has the privilege of carrying a few of our tiny dresses in store