Griffith Observatory on a Saturday Morning

all about the lines


Morro Bay

Campsite and the seaside town of Morro Bay.

Enjoy the landscape, take long walks, bird watching, whale watching, golf and more. Get into the campground.


Trending LegoLand

Now this is the place to go to find imagination. Legoland in Carlsbad, California. The atmosphere is electric with so many visuals. From kid playgrounds to rides. This focus is mainly on the bulding of legos around the park. From swans swimming in a lake to the New York landscape. Enjoy.


Best Bet Hotel if spending the night. The Sheration Carlsbad Resort & Spa. Right next door with a private entrace to the park.


Located in Sylmar, California this museum is a showcase for vintage finds. From the classic car showroom to hand-crafted musical instruments.

Check out The Nethercutt  at for more information.

 The Nethercutt Mascots CHIARIstyle
 The Nethercutt Flying Lady CHIARIstyle

Filled with surprises, to get the full experience take the 2 hour tour.

By appointment only.

 The Nethercutt with wings CHIARIstyle