The Everyday Hat

The Everyday Hat


Jilma's Hats (hil-ma's hats)

This is it. The perfect everyday hat. Each style is based on one silhouette. From tapestry to denim this hat works. Available in 2 sizes for kids/teens to adults. Our hats are fully lined and look just as amazing inside as it does out.
The Everyday Hat comes in denim, black or indigo, brocade, tapestry and great everyday animal skin print. Heather Hat selections coming soon. Skin Prints, Tapestry & Brocade patterns are limited editions.

Hat Size information:
S/M has a 24" band perfect for kids, teens and adults with small head sizes. M/L 26" band.
Hat Brim is 2.5" in width. Hat is 6" deep.
Made exclusively in the USA.
Machine Wash but Hand Wash is preferred.

Denim Black (BLK) or Indigo (IND)
Wildthing-Animal Skin
Heather Color Range coming soon.

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The Everyday hat is just that. A hat for everyday. Perfect size range for kids, moms and coming soon The Everyday Hat for dad.
Look for discounts through stylelines & notes fashion blast.

Tapestry, Brocade and Skin Prints are Limited Editions based on fabrications.

Wholesale inquiries upon request.