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Faerie Tale Dresses

Do you believe in little pieces of lace and velvet.

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Click pics for close up of all the fairytale dresses found high in the trees after a fairy tale ball.

By request these little miniature dreams are now available in real size.

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A limited selection of the original Faerie Tale Dresses are now available at Bon Fortune & our product development shop.


in this tiny house.....

imagination is everything!


Santa Anita Park


Santa Anita Park is an amazing visual experience, from the morning work-out to the architectural delights.

Opening Day was on Christmas in 1934. The original land sits on was was part of Rancho Santa Anita owned by Claudio Lopez. Santa Anita was the first to use starting gates and the photo finish. In 1940 Seabiscut won the Santa Anita Handicap. Showcased in many film and televisions shows, Santa Anita was also used as an internment camp during World War II. Home to the Oak Tree Association many key races are held here.

Santa Anita Park one of oldest race tracks in Southern California.

 Sanita Anita Park gates CHIARIstyle

Capturing the moment.

 Campground Camping Notebook CHIARIstyle

The Campground Camping Notebook is almost finished and is heading off to our proof reader. This book has been years in the making, it has been fun working on new graphics that had absolutely nothing to do with fashion CADS. Starting to look for a publisher or agent or maybe even just publish it ourselves. We haven't really gotten there yet but the sketches are done so we are telling the story in hopes of getting a little inspiration for the book.  If you love camping, look for the Campground Journal to be a nice addition to CHIARIstyle for 2018.

What's the one thing never to forget when camping? You'll have to get the journal.

Book Publishers, agents, journalist looking for a fun new project. 


It's all about the food Chapter 31, is a quick guide on what to bring, easy things to remember and that first night meal.

 Camping is all about the food CHIARIstyle

Pack up the radio for classic old time detective stories.