Let them draw cake place mats

 Let them Draw Cake place mats for kids.

Looking for a fun way to entertain the kids table. Let them draw cake is a wonderful way to teach place settings, enjoy food groups, play fun games while drawing a meal. Perfect for weddings , birthday parties, and just all around good coloring fun. Place mat coupon codes available through stylelines & notes fashion blast.  12 placemats packaged in cellophane or try out Party Packs boxed for easy access. Colors are not included. We also offer specials upon request for any of your party needs. Set the table and enjoy the fun.

Thank you Children's Retail Today

A big thank you to Janet Gray Muniz

Excitement and joy. Thank you Children's Retail Today for the lovely article about our product development shop. There are whispers on the wind that the faeries are having a Valentine Ball soon, hoping to find a few dresses in the trees. Faerie Ballgowns are made to order but we are having a photo shoot in a few weeks to debut, The Queen of Hearts, she will have a better lead time on availability. Look for the photos soon introducing our newest fairy tale dream.  Bon Fortune in Carpenteria, California has an exclusive on the original fairy tale. Please contact the store about availability on her exclusive dresses. Find all shop code coupons in your stylelines & notes fashion blast on Valentines Day.  Thanks again to Janet Gray Muniz at Children's Retail Today.

XCW is sending trend to the shop

Trending Kidswear: XCW is trending style. March 1, 2016.

Sending XCW into the shop with trend box of style. Concept designs for the 1 year old boy, just learning to walk, talk and learn all about life's adventures. Look for lookbook XCW Trending February 2016.

Let them draw cake placemats

Catch the trend.


ej loves to draw and now she can create her very own meal. Let them draw cake placemats are created to entertain the senses.

Printed on 12x18 inch paper, this kid friendly place setting is just the thing for holidays, birthdays or any occasion when drawing your favorite meal is a fun pastime. 

Let your artist create a meal and enjoy the fun.

Check out our fun place-settings for weddings & birthdays. Perfect for keeping the kids busy at restaurants, adults love them too.


ej's is offering a 15% discount through stylelines & notes fashion blast till February 14, 2016.

The original fairy tale

Sending out the original fairy tale with limited editions. Walking into a sweet little shop while on vacation I found a soul mate who believed in faeries. The original fairy tale ball gowns created for fairy tale balls on winter nights and summer afternoons have always been given away. Bon Fortune was given one of my tiny finds and has requested that I allow her store the rights to sell them. Announcing Limited Edition fairy tale ball gowns. You can find the dresses exclusive to Bon Fortune or in Lifeshop. Each dress is Limited Edition and are not in stock but based on the very faeries that inspire them. Fairy tale ball gowns will still keep to their original concept as give-a-ways but now a few will be offered for the collector of fairy tales come true.

We currently have 2 dress in work for a wintertime ball shipping date January 2016 .
ShopNotes and stylelines & notes fashion blast will announce arrival of new dresses.
Please contact Bon Fortune for availability of dresses in her store.

Bon Fortune Carpentria, California

Shop the fairytale.