The original fairy tale

Sending out the original fairy tale with limited editions. Walking into a sweet little shop while on vacation I found a soul mate who believed in faeries. The original fairy tale ball gowns created for fairy tale balls on winter nights and summer afternoons have always been given away. Bon Fortune was given one of my tiny finds and has requested that I allow her store the rights to sell them. Announcing Limited Edition fairy tale ball gowns. You can find the dresses exclusive to Bon Fortune or in Lifeshop. Each dress is Limited Edition and are not in stock but based on the very faeries that inspire them. Fairy tale ball gowns will still keep to their original concept as give-a-ways but now a few will be offered for the collector of fairy tales come true.

We currently have 2 dress in work for a wintertime ball shipping date January 2016 .
ShopNotes and stylelines & notes fashion blast will announce arrival of new dresses.
Please contact Bon Fortune for availability of dresses in her store.

Bon Fortune Carpentria, California

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Jilma's Hats


New Product in the store: Jilma's Hats. Base on a product development idea, this is the perfect hat. It comes in 2 sizes S/M & M/L. Starting with denim, tapestry, brocade and a fun animal skin print this hat moves with all styles. Fits kids-adults. Check out Jilma's styles in Homegoods.

15% discount is available through 12/23/15 styleline & notes fashion blast.
Wholesale information contact us here.

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This Friday is the perfect day to say thank you.

So thank you to all that have signed up to our fashion blast. The fairy tale is always full of dreams. This quick pic showcases the back of our dresses. Each dress is adjustable for size growth. Our models have worn their original dresses for at least 2 years. So shop the fairy tale and enjoy the dream. Wholesale and Made to Order for 3 or more dresses. Come dream with us.

Look for Promo Codes for discounts on Kids Place Settings this week in your stylelines & notes fashion blast.

Come dream the dream.

Is your princess looking for her magical dress?

Fairytale Dresses & Ball Gowns

The shop is open. When I was asked if I could duplicate the tiny dresses worn by faeries I was not sure if first, I wanted to or 2nd, if such a dress would be acceptable to the tiny faeries themselves. I wanted to stay true to the original dresses. So with help from a great friend who happens to be an amazing pattenmaker and believer in all things magical, we set out to create a product development request.
Each dress is based on a fairy tale. Every dress has a couture finish, one-of-a-kind hand feel. Based on specific faeries who may have worn the tiny version we are pleased to announce the fairy-tale ball gown collection. Come dream with us and find the magic.

Queen Ann

Let the fairy tale begin

Queen Ann loves a bit of bling. From dangling removable pearls to rhinestone applique bodice, rose bud waistline and big tulle skirt, Queen Ann is ready to greet the imagination with whimsy. Adjustable straps are made with satin or velvet. Each dress is a one of a kind creations, hand made in the USA based on the original fairy-tale, when faeries slip from their dresses after fairy-tale balls leaving magical wishes and dreams come true lingering in the trees.

Lookbook for the fairytale.

The Fairytale

Caterina dreams.

Created from Caterina with a wonderful embellished rhinestone waistband, bodice adorned with a fanciful rhinestone removable pin & rhinestone leaves across the top piece, this dress was created for a little bit of dreaming.  A center panel with pearl drop accent sits in the center with Caterina's gold twine pleated panel aligning the center front. Imagination is the key component for each dress. Add a hand dipped bronze crown to finishes off the magic. Each dress is hand-made with a couture finish. Fairy tales do come true with each dress. Come dream with us. For more information on Made to Order or how we can create your fairyland dream contact us here.