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Tea Room


November 2017

New card series for Just Fashion is going into the shop. In the Dressing Room you will find our best styles in a dressing room setting. From intimates to sleepwear, camisoles and evening slips. Some rooms are singular others will come as a complete set of greeting cards, note cards and note papers in a refillable paper lined box. Look for more information in your STYLENOTES with discounts and free send outs.

Fashion Studio Greeting Cards

In the studio

Fashion is our thing...

Perfect for designers, design staff and all fashionistas.

Looking for a fairy tale?

Bespoke Fairy Tale Dresses

Imagine getting a phone call asking if we could make a fairy tale come true. Creating bespoke dresses for the imagination is a great part of product development. Our dresses are filled with jewels and magic finds. Dresses are based on a theme. The Royal Court of Queen Anne, which is jeweled based and the Royal Court of Christina of the Woodlands which is nature based. Every dress has a tulle skirt base and is created for maximum growth with satin ribbon shoulder and waist ties. Tap into the imagination with bespoke. Perfect for bridal, tea parties, the imagination.

Made in the USA

Greeting Cards for lingerie lovers.

Looking for lingerie note cards?

Greeting and Note Cards: Just Fashion trending lingerie.

15% Discount code with your stylenotes.

Looking to send a little fashion with your fashion?
Created from illustrative trends, these cards are a perfect finish for anything fashionable.
4 Styles
At My Desk with white envelope
Red Hearts with red envelope
Lovely with white envelope
White & Black with white envelope

Made with love in the USA
Los Angeles

Design Trend: Storyboards and Workbooks

WorkBooks are designed for a single thought.....

Wildthang is all about the print.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day CHIARIstyle

Sending out a little bit of green velvet cupcakes for Saint Patrick's Day.

Greeting & Note Cards

a little bit of green. Looking for something sweet to send off with your sweets?

Sometimes you want to add a little note or send a little sweet message. Just Dessert note and greeting cards are just that Just Desserts. Perfect for a little sweet message with those home made brownies. 15% discount code in your stylelines & notes fashion blast.

Looking for something sweet?

Introducing Just Dessert Greeting & Note Cards CHIARIstyle.

Perfect for the dessert table. These greeting & note cards are just desserts. Printed on card stock with original sweets like pineapple bomb cake and chocolate delight pudding. Grab a box set or a few singles and send them out with sweet thoughts.

Product Development Design is sweet.