Concept Design

Concept Design can translate into all departments.

Creating Concepts for market is an important part of the design process. Market weeks are for selling but they can also become a vehicle for translating ideas into sales. When working with major buyers who carry your line the first conversation is usually about what is on the store floor. What’s selling, what were the failures, mark downs, new designs they are looking for. Once the sales team has showcased the current collection, leave some time to work with buyers on Creative Concepts for the next season. This should be an important part of Market Week. A lot of companies leave this out by not managing enough time with a major buyer or simply thinking it is not an important part of working with accounts. Timing is everything because a buyers schedule is limited, as the Creative Director or Designer showcasing new concepts with your buyers gives an opportunity for the team to see where the company is moving in trend and style-lines. Creative Concepts are for feedback. They have the power to create a conversation that can translate into future sales with positive results.

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