Vintage Sketch: CHIARIstyle

The little Red Suit CHIARIstyle 14

Little Red Suit.

Thought it would be fun to go through old sketches. Vintage is mine. Taking a look at past designs is fun and also showcases a time of just learning how to work illustrator. To date still using streamline when this sketch was created.  Being self-taught in illustrator & photoshop, the first steps were all about getting the graphic designers to give up their secrets. The format in those days-all about screen-prints and graphics. Line sketches were still done by hand, then streamlined into a line based format. Those were the days that gave insight to a new way of doing things. Miss hand sketching? Yes & No. Stepping outside the box and learning a new way to create ideas is as important as the very idea itself. As designers, always swimming up-stream, is best but sometimes it's great to just swim over to the landscape and imagine the course taken.