Trending: Luxe & Le Bra Lingerie Beverly Hills, California

Luxe Lingerie & Le Bra is a favorite shopping point if you are looking for trend.

Luxe Le Bra Lingerie CHIARIstyle

Luxe Lingerie and Le Bra is celebrating their 3 year anniversary, working together as one store. This little shop is the perfect location for trending lingerie. Both Christoper and Jason know their customers and have a great eye for what to look for in trend. Stopping by for a visit we went over their best sellers. #1 Lace eye mask, neck bands and anything with lace that covers the face has a sexy sell through. Straps and binding looks from bras to waist cinchers are HOT. They are doing well with clean modern lines and styles with an edgy feel to it. One thing that is not selling is frilly frou frou looks. They are getting ready to re-introduce the pearl strapped thong that was a hot seller in the store for years. They are doing very well with jeweled body pieces, printed briefs and thongs. They carry a wonderful range of babydolls and matching lingerie sets. If you are looking for a quick trend fix, great lingerie styles and an overall direction on how to showcase a lingerie line, Luxe & Le Bra Lingerie is a store not to miss. Trending is great but be ready to spend a little money because they surely will have something you will not be able to live without.  Luxe & Le Bra Lingerie is located in Beverly Hills on Camden Drive.