Finds: Legoland in Carlsbad, California

Looking for trend in all the fun places.


Trending is always on the mind of a designer no matter where you go. Lots of kids, strollers, and adults running around Legoland. Now expecting great styling is not what an amusement park is all about. Comfort is king but there were some really cute kids wear soon replaced with logo tees and minions. If you were searching for the perfect stroller this was the place, almost like a car lot of choices. So this trending focus is not on what to wear but legoland in all its lego glory. It was a beautiful find filled with imagination. Trailing behind a 4 year old really makes it better. Become a kid again, dance to the beat, go on a kiddie ride. Enjoy the moment. Trend is everywhere. Even when wearing a happy birthday I'm 4 years old Legoland button.  Click the pic or go to finds for a review of the best of. Life is a journey. Stepping outside the box is always fun and keeps you young. LegoLand

Color Trend: Minion Yellow