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Not the CAD in Question.

Not the CAD in Question.

Yesterday, I received a pin it from Pinterest. It was for fashion cads. One of the CADS  look familiar, an artist always recognizes their work but to see it listed by another artist as their CAD was a surprise. CADS circulate from department to department, so I understood that the line sheet was a re-colored for a different account, for a different division with-in the same company.

There are a lot CADS out in the market place, so for a designer to find one of their CADS re-colored by another designer should be expected. That is the art of the CAD. The question is; if you re-color another CAD artist work does it make it yours? 

Now, I do not mind that this cadded line sheet was used by this designer as her own because it was re-colored and she did produces the new line sheet but now I understand why, when I meet new clients, they sometimes ask if the work is mine.

So this has created the perfect opportunity to state that every CAD, design, print, graphic, illustration, banner, storyboard and photograph on this site was created as an original concept to represent a portfolio format for CHIARIstyle.  No work by any other designer or client is represented here. The concept is to keep all clients designs with-in their domain. This way all clients secrets are just that. Secret.

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