Jewel Box: Product Development Design CHIARIstyle

DYI Crafting Project

A few weeks ago, while walking the dog, we came across a yard sale. On one of the table, a box filled with old jewelry pieces marked $5.00 a bag grabbed our attention. We bought them all and had the best fun sorting through the bags of assorted jewel pieces. The original idea was to use the best assortment for fairy tale dresses but some of the pieces were too nice to break apart. This kid friendly DIY Jewelry Box is a fun little project for anyone looking to pass along their old jewelry or vintage finds from swap meet and yard sales.
All you need is an old box, or purchase a new one that has a vintage feel. We found some wonderful old boxes at yard sales and crafts stores. If you go with an old recycled box, embellish it with glitter or paint. If any of the broach pieces have sharp pins on the back remove the pin and replace it with a clip. DIY Jewel Boxes, perfect idea for taking something old and turning it into something new.

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