Sleepwear trends are moving into 2020.

Sleepwear Cottons: The heels have it!

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Cotton Jersey Sleepwear Storyboard

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Domestic Sleepwear: Print the Cotton


January, companies will start showing 2020 trend for fall market,  giving domestic companies that produce in the good old USA an opportunity to get into trend with fun whimsical prints for 2018/19 markets.  Cotton is the perfect vehicle for sleepwear. It prints beautifully and loves color. Minimums are easier to achieve with sleepwear where lingerie has no advantage when it comes to minimums due to the low yields. I once had a textile owner fight with me over missing yardage shipped. When I explained to him how many thongs and briefs we could cut with that missing yardage, apology & replacement accepted. Every yard counts when cutting panty programs.

Bringing basic lingerie bra and pantie styles into the mix will also allow more departments into the theme.  This is also the perfect opportunity to get buyers involved with concept boards for exclusive print story-lines that showcase the print with silhouettes that sell in store.

Taking it into street to sleep styling offer a double bonus for more silhouettes that trend the mainstream market.  Think yoga, active looks.

As a creative director/designer working with a reliable printer on new print ideas has always been a mainstream concept that has worked. Minimums are more accessible and deliveries can be closer to the time-line.  Move into the conversation for 2018/19 trend and capture a little bit of the opportunities manufacturing in the USA can bring.