Archiving 2017 is always a good thing.

Taking a look back at past trends and illustrations plus a few photos.

Original concept lives here with every sketch, cad, illustration and photograph. Archiving 2017 showcases a focus on the 2018 concepts that may come into trend. This is the perfect time for designers to lake a look at concepts that didn't sell or pass the sales or buyer team, a lost trend may be ready to be re- worked into something fabulous. The storyboard above has a focus on the color black which was strong this year especially in lingerie trends with lace influences. New concepts for 2018 should start out with strong colors so stay tuned.  The January 2018 calendar is free for the download. Enjoy the surprises you may find when looking back at old sketches and storyboards. Finding trend in all the fun places, CHIARIstyle.