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Trend Back to 2013/14: Taking a look at past product development influences for 2017.

Taking a look back at past product development influences for the 2013/14 year is always a wonderful way to focus on moving forward. There are a lot of development on these pages that translate time. If you are looking for design concepts that are based on salable outcomes take a little time and travel through the pages of CHIARIstyle. There are a lot of fun little surprises every where. Every photo, CAD, shoe takes you somewhere. Click on the RED header on our blog for a full size view of what you are reading then click on to something else. Find concepts hiding in plain site. Contact us for the print-outs or information on how we can translate your collections with creative product development design. Experience counts when money counts. Sign up for stylenotes, for monthly updates or enjoy a few moments just drifting through the scenery.