Trend Shops: CHIARIstyle

Looking for trend?

When trending design look past all the noise and focus on past collections. As a design director the one thing learned is the past trends the future when it comes to designing a collection season after season. So many design teams loose focus by creating new concepts without taking a broader look at what sells. Having worked with successful design rooms setting up a relationship with the sales team is important. As a designer, do you know what was the best selling item from last season? Do you have meetings to go over the good, the bad and the ugly. Do you shop your own store space to see what is moving on the floor? Do you sit down with your customer base to go over what worked and what didn't. Do you go to market and work the show with the sales team. Knowing what sold and what is on the mark-down-rack is as important as creating new concepts. Retail is dying, too much of the same trend is flooding the market-place. New concepts are in repeat mode. Step inside your box to see what works then step outside your box and find something, anything different to move your collection forward based on what worked.

Past Trend Baby Doll & Cami SetNotes.