Nap Time: Sleepwear Trend 2018/19

Trending Sleepwear

Tempting Temptations

Take your silks to the laundry.

Silk is the perfect fabric when trending sleepwear. There is an amazing hand-feel you can achieve with laundered silk. The best part is that it is laundered, so much for that dry clean only label. Sandwashed, brushed or just a soft finish will transform basic silk pieces into lovely vintage finds, if the silhouette is the focus. Styles can be cut from laundered fabrics or garment washed after construction. Each product development is different so it is advised to send out fabrics and garments to see which final effect works for your collection and final production outcome. Always remember that any garment that goes through the laundry process may have damages, so choose your finish based on construction. Trust me on this, denim and garment wash is something known all too well. Also garment wash comes with so many other disadvantages but if you know what to avoid, the process is a lovely finish that makes sleepwear silks stand out. If you want to know more about garment wash & the process, you can give us a quick hey there and ask any questions you like. Keep this in mind when doing your cost sheet, if the silk is laundered there are things that should reflect loss. Fabric washed should always be done by the manufacture for so many reasons. So take some silk to the laundry and enjoy the process, so many wonderful finishes so many silk designs.