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3 yard cuts

Is your design room making money?

Fashion has a way with 3 yard cuts:  3 yards of test fabric is usually perfect for concept design, the only problem with this is that most 3 yard cut cost money. If your designer doesn’t know how to get yardage for free those cuts can cost hundreds of dollars. 3 yards x price + shipping = a lot of money especially if not used at the end of the season. I have worked with clients that have rooms stacked to the ceiling with 3 yard cuts of expensive yardage that is now obsolete. Sometimes I just want to say “Let’s skip the meeting and I’ll tell you one thing that will save you millions of dollars, count it up and give me half and I’ll be on my way." Cha Ching! I never do that of course.

It is very hard not to order sample yardages you love but I once worked for a very mean fashionista that would yell at you in front of everyone if your design room was filled with 3 yard cuts at the end of the year. This made me realize as a creative director that running a design room is about all the aspects of that room. A well run design room doesn’t make money it creates money. Running the design room like a business keeps 3 yard cuts at a minimum and saves money for other things like trend reports & product development design and end of year celebrations.

I learned a lot from that mean old fashionista. So here is a lesson for all the manufactures out there. 3 yard cuts are expensive. Make a tally of your cuts and send me 10% of the money you will save for the next 10 years when realize that 3 yards stacked in your warehouse is clutter, you can contact me here.

Things to do with 3 yard cuts: Use for 1st samples, donate to a design school, have a 3 yard cut sale, or give it to your sample makers. They love 3 yard cuts.