Fashion expectations and the art of creative design

Fashion Design

The art of the CAD.


Fashion has a lot of expectations, especially when trending in storyboards. Had a conversation with someone regarding boards sent to a major retailer and the disappointment felt when the collection was passed on. Of course the excuse was that they were going to pass anyway because that's what retailers do, which is true in some cases but a storyboard is created to get a buyer interested in a concept, so why not throw in a few surprises. Many manufacturers use the same old storyboard concept season after season and basically the buyer becomes bored. The styles get lost in sameness of the storyboard. So if you are going to lose the season anyway why not change it up. Throw in a few concept boards that challenge the buyer to start a conversation. It is surprising how one storyboard can become a collection if presented with a spark of change. When working with a seasonal account, keeping your collections in their stores should not be an excuse when they pass on storyboards, it should be an opening to say let's change it up, after all that is what fashion is....change.  It’s getting hot out there people. Stores are closing, manufacturers are going into bankruptcy. Fashion layoffs are at an all-time high. There are so many amazing trends in the market from active-wear influences to denim make-overs. Get on board with storyboards that get a conversation started.