Talking about movement in the fashion world of .gif

Product Development & the storyboard


As a self taught digital designer I am always looking for new ways to enhance our storyboard concepts. So a GIF looked like it may be an interesting concept. Now looking at all the animated movement in the market place I wanted more of the GIF as it related to product development rather than a illustrative choice. So one of our first GIF was more related to the garment and it seamed to work perfectly. Then the muse spoke up. What about us, can you give us movement more than just a swinging hand and a blinking eye.  Working with Illustrator and Photoshop on a single illustration and figuring out the sequence to create the movement by making the eyes, mouth, hand move gave life to the conversation. With any new concept there are changes to be refined but the over all concept worked. So if you are planning on adding movement to your storyboard concepts remember to think about the frames in your head and then play around with the timeline. If you would like to know more about creating a GIF contact is free.

Overall breakdown for GIF on cover page.