Designing a collection filled with transparent layers.

Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

Sheer Layers

Lessons Learned

Taking in trend that is coming into the market place with fashion week and trend sites showcasing fashion show digital images are an important part of visualizing a collection for your brand. Too much pass, too little think about it. This is their Spring 2018, if trending for import the 2018 F/W is your best window. Domestic rules when catching fast trends because there is still time for 2018 S/S showroom finds. When trending the runway does it matter if the designer is the HOT collection/name brand of the day or do sleeper designers catch the moment no matter the style-line! Sometimes a designer just knows when a trend is going to move into mainstream, it's not as easy as it use to be because everyone is trending the same stuff, so as a designer it is all about the gut. Mainstream designers are only as good as the last collection. I remember a time when a collection for denim was translated for market week. The owner of the company announced to everyone that those sweet little denim pieces were delusional.  I tried to explain timing belonged at the laundry and that all the big houses were working on this particular trend. My beautiful well thought out denim collection was dropped. The following week the first market took place and low and behold the design room received a phone call asking if the collection could be save. It took 4 days and a lot of begging at the laundry to get the collection to NY for the next market-week. Double bonus for hitting the mark and a new trust level was developed and the next collection although not as fabulous was not questioned. As a product development designer that works with a broad range of silhouettes, information is the key for every sketch.  All style-lines are created with the same expectation as that denim collection.

This season take a look at plaids working with prints, handkerchief patterns take on a new turn especially when printed with a bold stance. Denim, pleats, bold bias stripes and whimsical head bands set the mood. Big bold graphics and tiny little flowers working their way across vintage styled pieces complement the wide banded pants with close fit tees. Sexy sheer layers with transparent laces and trims take on an intimate moment. Trending style is moving into the seasons, come trend it with CHIARIstyle.