Imagine a day.



a day where everything is blue.

The people, the television

the sounds on the radio singing

blue, a deep ruddy cobalt blue

dark dense full of feeling

full of love. Full.


a week when everything is

pink. Pink sky, pink cattle,

pink kisses, a strong pink with

tiny flecks of light

floating across the senses

stealing stories, chasing dreams.


a month of yellow.

A bright exuberant hearty

yellow, shattering visions

of war and hate, creating little

sensations that make you lazy

on hot summer mornings.


a year of red.

A simple red, like the color

of a heart in a children’s book

where everything is fun and

full of imagination, the red

before someone comes along and

makes it crimson, or scarlet or



a lifetime of green

a deep pungent unsettled green

you can almost smell the

rich, dense stain seeping into

the bones, lifting the darkness

so the soul can find a way

to live a life filled with

all different kinds of color.