New print concepts for lingerie 2020 trend, CHIARIstyle,

Trending Storyboards

Watercolor prints are in the mood for storyboards. Creating new concepts starts with, well a concept. Story and mood boards get the conversation started for new creative ideas. Intimates are in transition; excitement is held back with repetition of the same old thing in a different color. As an active consumer of the trend, new concepts sometimes need confirmation, which makes creating concepts with proven bodies a part of the design style for mood boards. Once the storyline has merit, then the bodies can translate concepts that incorporate silhouettes that can trend into the future. If you are looking for new trend concepts, we have a lot to offer with 100% original content. No magazine pulls of someone else's stuff.  All illustrations, CADS, story and mood boards take you somewhere. If you find something you like click contact and we will send you a quick pdf overview. STYLENOTES  are sent once a month. Novembers notes will include 22 tees WorkBook concept that is going into the shop. The tees were to preview in September but some of the tees sold before shop date. New designs are in work and will be ready for send-out end of the month. Product development is key to new ideas that translate into sales. Looking for trend in all the fun places?