The Basic Box is moving into the Trend Shop

What is the Basic Box?

Always love new ways to trend out a story, introducing the Basic Box. Every company has basics that dominate the design transition for change. At CHIARIsytyle our basics usually start the trend before moving into new style concepts. The Basic Box will showcase the basic silhouette for a quick look at trends that are showing up in the sphere of fashion. The Basic Box storyboards will work with The Dressing Room and our new space the Window Box which is the fun side of creating a floor space that can work with all of the accessories that go with trending intimates, moving into the 2019/2020 trend season.  22 Tees have been re-worked and will hit the shop this month; the tees are part of the Limited Edition WorkBooks. Fashion is trending in so many directions; intimates are transitioning from sleep to street, street to the gym.  As a designer, creative director, CAD artist, lover of all things fashion, enjoy the new additions to the site. Fashion is…change.

Design Notes: Brushstroke Plaids warm up the lounge. There is a lot of watercolor going into trend, mix up up and create a plaid for a new artistic spin on print design.