Moving into 2020 Storyboard Design

2019 is the start for 2020 trend notes

Product Development Design

Fashion is always ahead of the game. Trending new concepts is not easy especially when times are in a constant state of disarray. The garment industry is in need of a spark. Currently the print trend is still holding on with a twist on print mixing and some are trying to bring back grunge but really there is no direction going forward. Some years it is easy to see the direction fashion is moving others not so much. Fashion trend setters will move into their own direction but the trade will linger and wait to see what moves the generational pull toward what to do next. With so much happening domestic vs import may be the key to setting new trends into motion. If your brand is waiting for the “wait and see approach”, now is the time to get your trend storylines ready for market. Trending mood and storyboards with your clients will get the conversation started for the new seasons. 2019 is not the year for guesstimating it should be the year of origination. Looking for a new storyline?

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Every sketch, CAD, Muse takes you somewhere. Click the story and find your trend.