In the black

always illustrating


Always with pen or pencil in hand thoughts trickled on the page to become illustrative parts for trend. This month that stopped for a few weeks to sort out life. As an artist, illustrating is always a soothing way for a re-set. This is March, the beginning sketch for the March calendar going into 2018 which showcases the first of the month. Working on taking lingerie into a color mixing mode, sleepwear into fun print storyboards and lounge is taking it to the street. Are you looking for new trends? Need a design room update?  Are your CADS in need of a re-design. Find your fashion in all the fun places with CHIARIstyle, below are some of the best in the black trend and storyboards for 2018/19: Lingerie, sleepwear and the lounge. Find your fashion!

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