Vintage Silks : 2020 Sleepwear Trends

Snap Shot: Sleep to Street Vintage


Take a vintage bed jacket, move into the perfect little top with lace trim and all over full lace sleeves, don't forget a flounce lace collar, add a wonderful bit of lace to the hemline-finish off the collection with basic silhouettes trended with lace details. Before the Cut: Sandwash fabric for a soft hand-feel finish. Take silk into the streets for sleepwear trends going into 2020. Don't forget the modern twist, is in the fit. Looking for trends in all the silkiest places?

1. Bed Jacket  2. Crop Lace Drawstring Pant 3. Lace Triangle Bra 4. Lace Camisole 5. Back Lace-Up Knickers 6. Sheer Pleated Slip


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