A little silk camisole in the morning

Slip into silk trends for 2020 sleepwear lounge looks.

Silk is the perfect vehicle for vintage concepts moving into the modern silhouette. Silk loves color so pop the theme with a strong color range. Move the storyboard into the lounge with soft skits with asymmetrical cuts and simple cover-ups. Add lace and embroideries with a vintage feel. Focus on the sexy drape by cutting pieces on the bias. Homework: Vintage collection sites or books. Reworking silk with a modern twist with a focus on the vintage inspiration is a great way to refashion style. Looking for vintage with all that silk can allow, CHIARIstyle. Looking for silk trends?

The dressing room is filled with easy pieces that can create a collection. Created to start the conversation about the final picture of styles we love in our store dressing room. A single piece can create a new look for intimates, sleepwear, lounge & sport. Click the knits or silk print story-line to check out The Dressing Room.

Fashion is....