Finding trend in all the fun places.

What is trending?

Trending is not always about creating what you think is going to happen but more about what you see is happening with the world that surrounds us. The sell-through on the floor, the latest fad or person of interest, a specific color or hemline all rule the day. Some trends are early some trend late, so the designer is always looking within the frame work of what is out there for inspiration. Right now vintage, especially in intimates carry some weight when looking for lingerie concepts. Consider thinking about silks and lawn and sheer details that bring vintage into modern looks. Color is also a big influence with native and desert shades moving into the urbanlounge. Soft prints and conversationals are perfect for sleepwear but the newest trend is not the basic silhouettes it is the new shapes in sleepwear that are trending from jackets to kimonos.

Find your trend in all the fun places.