Cad the Details

Creating trims.

CAD the Trim: First lingerie CAD job with a lot of lace was tricky. I had been given the files of the technical designer before me and was amazed at how she had created the lace, bending it in pieces from a hand sketch lace; this was not going to work for me because I’m lazy. So after re-working all the sketches so they would work for the next designer that took over this space, the art of bending the real lace came into play. As a CAD designer creating the actual idea or concept is important especially if the real trim is at hand. As a product development designer illustrating the exact product enhances the chance of a sale especially if the CAD is accurate on all details. To create a brush using the exact trims took a little time and patience but once it was figured out it became easy, so when one of the other CAD designer came to ask me how I created the exact lace brush I had given her for her CAD she was surprised and happy because now she could be lazy too. So here is the breakdown for creating a brush for CADS just in case you are still sketching it by hand. Looking for trim in all the fun places?