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I was in my 20’s when my mother died. A few months later I received a letter from someone my mother grew up with.  This heartwarming note was filled with history and at the end of the letter she said that my mother wanted to be a nurse but in the south apparently you had to speak two languages to get into nursing school, so instead she cleaned houses, saved her money and went to college, where she thrived, became a teacher, a wife, a mother and an advocate for those marginalized by life.

 As a product development designer who was raised with a social conscience by a mother and father who knew that racism tries to extinguish dreams, the visions of hands raised, hoping for a better tomorrow kept interfering with my thoughts.

 It is with hope that if we who know that this destruction of families based on racism can challenge the fear imposed on those who cannot comprehend immorality by raising our voice so they who want to destroy the dream may get the message.

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