Things to do on the first of the month.

Finding a campsite

Campground Camping Notes

Today is the first of the month; campground hunting day. This experience is not as easy as it used to be, the website totally sucks and now with 3rd party grabbers it is almost impossible to get a campsite especially the good spots. So with that said, we sat around till 8 AM and of course all the little spots we know to be worth sitting in were taken, and this is 6 months in advance. Every now and then we do prevail and capture a site, so tenacity works. Campground camping is a great opportunity to explore new surroundings; it is not a get-a-way spot because usually the campground is full life, from people to pets to the wildlife that surround the landscape.  So in our Campground Notes, one of the first things to do when going to a new campsite is, check it out, observe and make notes, this way the next time you go you’ll know what to expect and what campsites are “for better or for worse. “

First of the Month

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