Product Development Design: Intimates 2020

Storyboards & the Modern Moves

History always tells a story. I never list who I work for anymore, the reason why is once someone finds out I am doing or did something for someone else they always want to know "what’s going on over there." Once they realize I never tell made the work easier because now they knew I would also hold their secrets.
This story-line is about modern moves, the concept will never take over for that same old bra in the same old color that keep manufactures happy because it’s easy and makes a profit. But…that same old bra can create fewer chances for new designs base on safe chances. Moving into the modern has no history, no proven body style with a profit with the exception of the lazer cut panty.  Trending new concepts with clear clean storyboards enhance the possibilities without cutting a single piece of fabric, it can get the conversation started toward new ideas. Looking for the next same old bra?