22 Tees

New designs going into our WorkBook Shop.


Lingerie, the slip and the robe.
Catch the trends, CHIARIstyle.

WorkBooks: Created as send-outs for storyboard design have moved into our shop. Based on what is trending in the market-place each collection or key item is pattern-ready and illustrated for production and inspiration.  Lately, with more and more sketches stacked in the corner untouched, the office studio is making it easier to structure the work on new projects begging for attention. 22 Tees have been in the works based on a request for  T-shirt design.  Velvet has been a strong influencer going into 2019/2020 trends. The Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear shows inspired additional confidence that T-shirts are the perfect balance for basics moving into 2020. Anyone looking for salable T-shirts, camisoles & tops where the focus is on velvets, stretch fabrications and style stay tuned to the next few weeks of hints and innuendos. Look for more information in your STYLENOTES or catch the trend end September 2018.
Design Notes: WorkBooks are limited editions.