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Freelance has its virtues! As a designer working both full-time and as a freelancer, I have found that the freelance process creates a well-rounded focus on all things fashion. There is a connection that every category has, research. Fashion is best when looking back is just as crucial as trending forward. As a freelancer, we tend to overwhelm with newness when it may not be what’s needed. Sometimes it is structure. Taking a look at a brands history to find what works and what failed is important when working in a freelance position. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and set timelines but most important be on time, and never make a promise you can’t keep. I once ran a department where the owner loved freelance designers; they came and went like water flowing through the design room. “Be nice.” He would always say to me, the full-time design team would get all caught up in the danger of another designer walking on their turf, but I understood because I was one of those freelance designers, but that’s another story.

Fashion has a history.

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