Missing a Muse

Fashion is…Mary Stephens FIDM

Sad news came to me last night and my heart is broken.

Fashion is..Mary Stephens

Fashion is… an unfinished statement that means a lot on this site. Fashion is…fun, innovative, whimsical and most important fashion is change. If you are lucky, a great inspiration may step into your path, and that distinction goes to Mary Stephens. She always had a smile when she saw me; she also saw my talent which for an old FIDM grad made it more respectable somehow & my husband loved her. Mary Stephens was fashion perfection, a true lover of the art, a teacher, motivator, muse. I will miss her style & grace but most of all I will miss that twinkle in her eyes when we would meet, it was magic. Thank you, Carlos, for keeping me up to date and for providing a photo that showcases just how fabulous, fabulous can be.

Mary, you will always be that light at the end of my fashion rainbow.

CoffeyLife, FIDM