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Storyboard the skin print with fun panty packs, mix it up with lace influences, tone it down with applique or embroidery, the skin print should be in the game for 2019/2020 trend. This fabrication is perfect for basics & a new silhouette can gain influence with the inspiration of the print. So storyboard it out with your sales teams, buyers and bosses. Get in the game, CAD up a few panty lines & loungewear sets or click contact and let us do it for you.


When my sister died last year the only thing that kept me sane that night was the walk back to the hotel at 3 AM in the morning. It had rained that day so the ground was wet and it was very cold outside. The streets were empty; the red blinking lights directed my way from the hospital where my sister's spirit lingered. The moon, sitting low in the sky, was huge and a welcomed relief. Once in my room I noticed a repeat number on my cell phone, it was the eye bank, in my total exhaustion and a longing for a stiff, strong drink life came back into the conversation.
Life & Death, keeping company.