Lingerie Upcycle Concepts 2020

Upcycle your warehouse stock

Moving into the shop: Skintone Velvet

A lot of lingerie companies are import so warehoused stock is not a dilemma of what to do with yardage other than selling it to a jobber. There are a lot of things you can do with leftover goods. Panty Raid is a great place for cutting up thongs, briefs, and hipsters. Yields are low so a minimal amount of yardage can go a long way. Take a look a mix media components to bring a new trend into small amounts of yardage. Stocked power mesh gives a new look to leftover velvet. Take a walk into the stock room for new ways to trick left over goods into sales.

Workbook: Stretch Velvet Powder Mesh is in the shop. This digital PDF download is filled with a full shapewear/intimate storyboard concept for trending velvet.


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