Product Development Concepts

Trending the Market Place

Bodysuits, jumpsuits with whimsical prints and trims is still trending the market especially with new lingerie designers. Brands are still lingering with the same old trends in the same old colors waiting for something to click so they can translate the styles. The tee with creative details is ready for the message to get out.

Denim inspiration is everywhere, wash it, treat it, embellish it with print concepts.

Banding with transparent layers is still strong especially in black and never forget to storyboard the cup for new silhouettes for your buyers and sales teams.

Trending concepts in all the fun places, CHIARIstyle.

Last week The Japanese Woodblock Series was introduced with Koitsu’s Seto Inland Sea story line. Wednesday will be the series debut date, stay tuned for some amazing pieces of art, Ukiyo-e style.

Don’t forget every sketch, illustration, CAD takes you somewhere on the site.