Lingerie Concepts for 2020 Mix it Up

Mix up the panty concept with bits and pieces of style


Panty Raid Monday

There isn’t a panty raid Monday, just made that up but raiding the panty drawer is a concept we love here at CHIARIstyle. As a designer who has worked panty programs for those Sunday buy one get one free, it has become a habit to focus now and then on the panty as a standalone item. Resort 2020 is showcasing new concepts to toss around the design room so this week we are quick sketching up a few mood boards starting with the panty.

Vintage Vibe Mix Up

  • Florals mixing with stripes

  • Trim Drop

  • Color Trim Blocking

  • Asymmetrical Detail

  • Unexpected Components

For a Buy One Get 2 Free or a 3 Piece Set Hanger/Boxed check out Panty Lines.

This week Wednesday will showcase our Japanese Woodblock Find Wado Sanzo.