Japanese Woodblock Series: Wado Sanzo

Wado Sanzo 1883-1967


Fortune Teller

 Wado Sanzo was a Tokyo artist with style, his watercolor ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock prints showcased the Japanese vocational workers, and this is series 2, Fortune Teller from a ten-print series.

First editions have a round red seal in the lower right corner. Kyoto-Hangain published this woodblock.  Wado Sanzo’s woodblock print was an easy find due to the verbiage below the original matte frame which still holds the print inside. There is a clean bleed through on the back.  The title and story line on the matet describe the workings of a fortune teller and the community. The print is 11.25x 14.75 full margin and is in perfect condition with washed out watercolor effects. But it is still attached to the matt on the upper right and left sides of the paper. Based on research series 1 & 2 this may be one of a 300 printed. Date est 1950’s.

What I love about this print is the difference in the woodblock prints of other artists. The watercolor finish almost looks as if it was hand painted instead of a woodblock.

This series is all about the vintage find