Lingerie design concept board: Key items and the mix up.

Trending 2020 Resort

Bring fabric patterns into the conversation with basics

Key item mix around

That’s right; mix it up with your key basics in prints that have absolutely nothing to do with each other to create a Mix Around story-line. This is the perfect opportunity to pull out all the basics and want-to-be styles for a creative mood board that translate 2020/21 trend.

  • Basic Silhouettes

  • Strong Florals

  • Assorted Plaids

  • Menswear Patterns

  • Bed Coats

  • Satin Prints

  • High Waist Tap Shorts

  • Tap Briefs

  • Jeweled Buttons

  • Pattern Mixing

2020 Resort is showcasing a great fabric mix from key designers. Perfect for a domestic quick collection for summer 2019. Imports take a look at menswear mixes, cut into basic with no pattern changes for a fast fall collection.
Finding trends in all the fun places?