Loving Lingerie


Lingerie Illustrations

She was looking for something sexy for the day and something a little wild for night.

Bra: Lace applique with sheer layers in black for bridal, the perfect balance.
Panty: Don’t let the only animal skin you see be a print take the challenge.

Story Shop

June is the perfect month for change. Fashion is all about moving in new directions, but sometimes it is so much easier to stay in the same place. Working with a broad range of brands on design, creative direction, story and mood boards, I’ve witnessed both innovation and stagnation. Brands that stay put usually disappear into fashion oblivion. This business is not as easy as some may think, but it is also not as exciting as it was, fear has grasped our business along with the aspect of having to guess what the consumer may want a year or two from now. So there are going to be a few changes between June and August. A lot of work can be done remotely, so the first thing is shutting down downtown office and moving everything to the valley. The fairies are searching for fairytale dresses. Storyboards are going to transition into Story Shops, where our best and newest trends are living a happy digital life. Bluemoon will be having a give-a-way, and hopefully, Bishop, the keeper of the tunes will finally become a reality. June is the perfect month for change, here’s too moving and not staying in the same place.