Swap Meet Find: The dragon

Swap Meet Find

Shooting car shows for The Ranchero, and the Blue Q along with car-tografi is a fun adventure. Yesterday, while walking the isles on the swap meet side this dragon came into play. It is an amazing piece of art created entirely from nails, bolts, and other automotive parts. The artist was not there to talk about his work; a friend had brought this piece along with some other metal sculptures which were just as enticing but being a dragon; this was the piece to have. The wings on this treasure are removable with the washers placed on the skeleton used for different wing placements. The weight of the piece is so balanced the tailpiece can remain off the ground. As a photographer taking close-ups of this piece showcased just how percise the artist was. Automotive car shows have a certain charm, especial the Pomona Swap Meet. You never know what you may find there. This Wednesday’s Japanese woodblock print vintage find will be the artist, Kawase Hasui. If you love car shows especially ones where you never know what will be there the photos from the Pomona Swap Meet June 2, 2019 show along with a few other pieces from this unknown artist will be up this week at The Ranchero and the Blue Q.