Japanese Woodblock Print Series: Nissaka on Tokaido

Kawase Hasui’s Woodblock Print Artist

Kawase Hasui 1889-1957

The Woodblock Print Series showcases woodblock prints found at a vintage shop.

This is Nissaka on Tokaido; it is in great condition, but it is still attached to the matt covering on the upper margin with tape. Born in Tokyo, Hasui is known for his town and landscapes. This print is 10.25 x 15.25 with papermaking markings on the right side of the print. Hasui’s signature is on the lower left margin with original seal markings. The beauty of this print is the rainy night scene on the street in Nissaka, note the dog sitting out the rain while the woman and child walking with an umbrella leave their reflection on the rainy street.  The intensity of the blues with the shock of pink in the distance shimmering on the pavement showcase the realistic form Kawase Hasui was known to create. There is a strong bleed on the back, showcasing that this is an original woodblock print.